I love, love, love this outfit on Diana Penty! Of course, she’s so pretty and slim and tall that she can carry off any look with class, but there is something about this earthy, one with the universe kinda outfit that just tugs at my heartstrings. Nidhi Jacob did an amazing job mixing and matching designers and brands to create the perfect look. A simple scarf embellished with latkans from Nikasha was layered over a grey and white dhoti and red top from Urvashi Kaur and made to look like one seamless outfit. Nidhi also picked a pair of sandals/slippers from Vaph to complete the look. And just incase we needed to be sold even more on this look, makeup artist Kritika Gill styled her hair in easy waves and just pinned it back on the crown. No muss- no fuss, just the way we like it!

We’re loving your style during these promotions and so looking forward to Happy Bhaag Jayegi, Diana!