Shveta Salve | Source: Facebook |
Shveta Salve | Source: Facebook |

Shveta Salve has been documenting her journey towards motherhood with beautiful maternal photoshoot pictures. And recently, she wrote an honest piece on how adventurous this bumpy road has been for her. In the same write-up, she has also dished out a letter to her unborn baby.

So dear baby,

Now it’s all on you. Your mamma is as ready as she can be!

I promise you this: no matter what, I’m going to be by your side just like always. I’ve been these last few months — with every breath I take and every morsel I eat. I will continue caring for you and putting all your needs before mine.

I can’t wait to hear your first cry, to feel your soft skin against mine, smell your beautiful babyness. Sorry, you heard me complain about silly stretch marks, saggy boobies and no sleep. I promise to wear my Tiger stripes with pride. It means I’ve nourished your body, and that’s what matter. I’ll stay up with you all night long (and make sure Daddy does as well!).

Know this: I already love you so much! You make me complete.


You can read the entire piece here.