This Story Of Three Best Friends Is Something Every Bride-To-Be Needs To Read

Sukriti Gumber , 01 Sep 2016
Baraati Inc
Baraati Inc

Remember Anushka Sharma‘s character Shruti in Band Baaja Baraat? I met her real life version, with the same (or more) zeal and passion for curating and managing the A-Z of weddings.

Three best friends from Delhi opened a wedding planning business, Baraati Inc, more than a year ago, purely out of their love for all things shadi. When I met Shweta Acharya, the brainchild behind Baraati Inc, she recollected how it all started as a timepass.

She said:

I started by conceptualising and choreographing weddings & sangeets for friends and family. That garnered great vibes and appreciation. One such project required more support and my best friends agreed on making it a journey of a lifetime!

Team Baraati Inc

The girls are now budding entrepreneurs, making a name for themselves in a market that is difficult to penetrate. Isn’t that amazing? How often do we get to do something we love, professionally?!

Shweta gave me a bunch of tips to get started and ensure there is no bridezilla in the house. She said:

First and foremost, define your budget. This is the thumb rule of wedding planning. Next, make a guest list, which will be a requirement for all the vendors, from decorator to caterer and all others. It is also important to keep in mind that the ‘cheapest quote’ is not always the ‘best deal’, no matter how tempting the bargain is. Don’t forget to do a follow up with all the vendors. Most important, stick to your vision! The making of your day will involve too many opinions. Hear them all and stick to what you want to do. And lastly, enjoy yourself and live every moment of your wedding. You are on your way to creating memories of a lifetime!

What makes the trio click is their love for weddings; and making them a dreamlike sequence minus your papas, chachas or bhaiyas running behind caterers on the D-day. Weddings are a huge affair in our country, after all!

Having said that, shadi business is definitely a busy job. ‘I am not getting time to plan my own wedding, which is in February’, Shweta laughed telling me that is the only downside of her work.

These three women who turned their dreams into a reality are an inspiration for talented women who are just waiting to take that first step.

You can learn more about Baraati Inc here:

And take a look at some of their work:


Now I feel like getting married. Dayum!

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