5 Very Real Concerns We All Have While Throwing A House Party

Sukriti Gumber , 04 Sep 2016

The concept of a house party being more comfortable/practical/feasible is beyond me. It involves truckloads of planning and let’s not even get started about the aftermath of a house party.

Oh come on, they are not that bad, you might say! Let me tell you why I am so phobic when it comes to such sort of a community gathering.

What if the guest makes a stink face as soon as they enter?

Source: Giphy

What if someone decides to remove their shoes and they are wearing the same pair of socks since last week?

Source: Giphy

What if someone is not able to hold their drink and errm, pukes?

Source: Giphy

What if XYZ poops and leaves the bathroom smelling not-so-fresh?

Source: Giphy

What if mom comes home and finds out we were smoking?

Source: Giphy

There you have it! My concerns are real.

But you know, how to not have a bad party? How to not be known for being the worst host ever? Having friends and family over is mad fun! Thank God I can focus on the food and entertainment for my guests because I know Ambi Pur will take care of all my aforementioned concerns because it doesn’t just cover, but truly removes odour.

This post is in partnership with Ambi Pur.

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