7 Funky Hairstyles To Copy From Sonam Kapoor!

Jyotika Udeshi , 05 Sep 2016
Sonam Kapoor (Source: Instagram)
Sonam Kapoor (Source: Instagram)

Sonam Kapoor is one lady who understands that hair can make or break an outfit. Whilst her gorgeous locks look amazing no matter what, we love it when she experiments with different hairstyles! Here are 7 of her coolest ‘dos.

1. Braids On Braids

Can you even count the number of braids in her hair? With several braids of varying thickness and styles, merging into one lush braid, Sonam’s hair looked unbelievably good.

2. Twice The Bun

Fierce glamour is a term solely reserved for this actress. Rather than opting for the standard top knot, Sonam chose to have her tresses styled into two mini-buns.

3. Knotted Up

Asymmetrical parts are so high fashion. We love how Sonam’s locks have been perfectly partitioned into several knots and twirls.

4. Twists And Turns

From afar this ‘do may resemble a tiara but up close, it’s so much more! Taking the half-up style to a new level, Sonam’s hair has been pulled back into pin curls and rolls.

5. Warrior Princess

If you loved the previous braided ‘do, then this look will definitely get your heart racing! The multiple dutch braids give Sonam an edgy vibe like no other.

6. Pony-Ed Up

Simple ponytails are for mere mortals. The fashionista’s sleek ponytail was pinned to the back of her head to give her an uber cool look.

7. Fabulous In Floral

We’ve seen flowers in people’s hair, but actually styling your locks into one? Truly unique! Sonam’s knotted braids gave way to a pretty, rose-like design that looked elegant and beautiful.

Which of these is your favourite? Comment and let us know!

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