7 Times This Accessory Will Help You Revamp Any Outfit!

Sanaa Shah , 06 Sep 2016

In our dream world, everything fits like it was custom-made specially for us. But unfortunately, life always doesn’t go our way and not everything flatters and fits you perfectly. Trips to the tailor for alteration can be quite a pain and not to mention annoying. So sometimes we always try figuring out hacks to make everything seem custom. From cuffing to rolling and our all time favourite belting, we’ve solved many of fashion dilemmas. Our personal fave is belting, it will be your friend through thick and thin! These belts will not only help support you, but will also help you make a statement and notch up your style game.

Here are a few statements belts that will help you stand out in comfort:

1. The Very Popular & Currently Trending

2. Wide & Broad For A Better Hold

3.  The Jewelled Waistline Called Kamarband

4. The Fringed Waistbelt To Help Contour

5. Rope To The Rescue!

6. The Japs Call It Obi

7. For The Brand Conscious

These statement belts will uplift and revamp your outfit and make you look like a million bucks!

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