Bobby Darling Admits It'll Be Difficult For Her To Have Babies

Shreemi Verma , 08 Sep 2016
Bobby Darling with her beau
Bobby Darling with her beau

Bobby Darling, who is now known as Pakhi Sharma got married recently and went through a sex change operation to become a woman. Pakhi was one of the first and definitely most popular gender fluid celebrities in our country and in an exclusive interview given to, she spoke about how important it was for her to get this operation done so that she could enjoy her married life. Here are a few excerpts –

On her surgery and marriage –

Ramneek told me that we could marry only if I would get my sex changed. We have only one life. Why shouldn’t I live it to the fullest? I have never hidden anything, so how long could I go on being uncomfortable in my skin? The surgery happened in Bangkok. Ramneek had accompanied me. He is a solid support. We stayed there for 20 days. I underwent a lot of tests before the operation, it lasted for 5 hours.

On how her father coming to terms with her sexuality –

Yes, and he loves Ramneek. On the other hand, Ramneek’s mom is very fond of me, she is from Mumbai.

And finally, whether it’ll be difficult for her to reproduce and if she’d want to adopt a child –

That (reproduction) might be difficult. For now, I want to enjoy my married life, we’ll decide about the baby later.

Wish you a happy life Pakhi!

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