Amol Parashar

India’s premium online entertainment network – The Viral Fever has introduced us to some really cool guys. Naveen Kasturia, Jitendra Kumar, my favourite Sumeet Vyas (read my interview with him here) and several other talented lads have now become household names, thanks to their respective TVF shows. There’s something so real and relatable about these boys that makes them so likable.

And recently, another cutie has hopped onto this bandwagon of the TVF men we love. I’m talking about the badass DJ Chitwan from TVF Tripling aka Amol Parashar.

A far cry from his character, Amol is a geek in real life. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi but somehow later found his true calling in acting. Clearly, he made the right choice because he’s killing it and how! The youngster has done several ads and short films in the past and was also seen in the Bollywood film, Traffic. But I’m sure after TVF Tripling, his popularity is going to skyrocket like never before. After all, he’s got those chocolate boy looks but he can pull off the role of a badass hipster with ease. And everyone’s loving him as the super fun Chitwan. Here are some photos of the dishy boy.