Christian Louboutin Just Launched Their First Ever Fragrance Line!

Jyotika Udeshi , 09 Sep 2016
Christian Louboutin Fragrances (Source: Christian Louboutin website)
Christian Louboutin Fragrances (Source: Christian

It all started with the red-soled stilettos. Then came a range of lipsticks and nail lacquers so opulent that they could double up as ornaments. Now, the iconic Christian Louboutin has decided to venture into the magical world of perfumes by launching not one, not two, but three amazing new fragrances!

Inspired by women and their personalities, these fragrances have three distinct scents. Unlike other perfumes – which contain an array of notes, these fragrances have a single high note. ‘Bikini Questa Sera’ is a sensual blend of jasmine and tuberose. ‘Tornade Blonde’ is described as the scent of desire with its mix of red rose, sweet violet and cassis, whilst ‘Trouble In Heaven’ is a mysterious concoction of patchouli, tonka and perfect iris.

Tornado Blonde (Source: Christian Louboutin website)
Tornado Blonde (Source: Christian

Of course, the packaging of these bottles is out of this world! The designer collaborated with Heatherwick Studio, who worked on the Olympic cauldron for the London 2012 Olympics, to create stunning glass objects. Due to its twisted shape and central aperture, the liquid flows through the bottle in a beautiful way. The bold colour scheme of each fragrance represents an aspect of its personality.

Trouble In Heaven (Source: Christian Louboutin website)
Trouble In Heaven (Source: Christian Louboutin website)

Retailing at the steep price of $275, there’s no denying that these perfumes are a splurge. However, we know that nothing is as luxurious as Christian Louboutin’s creations!

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