Beauty DIY: 4 Beauty Problems, 4 Kitchen Ingredients

Natasha Patel , 13 Sep 2016

If you’ve ever taken a walk around your pantry and seen things you usually put into your tummy, we’ll I’ve got a surprise for you! Using the basics from your kitchen (you know, honey, milk, yogurt etc), I’m going to show you how you can DIY your way to better looking skin and hair!

Problem #1 :
For dull skin, turmeric to the rescue!

Problem #2 :
For curly and frizzy hair a combination of yogurt with coconut oil & honey or aloe vera gel will do the trick!

Problem #3 :
For cleaning dirty makeup brushes when you’re out of cleaner, apple cider vinegar!

Problem #4 :
To get smoother skin, honey will do the trick!

Click on the video above to watch!

And I really hope you enjoy this video. Comment below with your feedback and also let me know what other beauty hacks/DIYs/tutorials you’d like to see on the channel!

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