10 Times Amy Jackson's Hair Game Was Strong AF

Natasha Patel , 15 Sep 2016
Amy Jackson | Instagram @iamamyjackson
Amy Jackson | Instagram @iamamyjackson

Sure, Amy Jackson‘s style is fierce AF, but the beauty junkie in me thinks that with each bomb outfit, there’s always a good hairstyle that adds to the oomph. Agree? Hair stylist to the stars, Aasif Ahmed knows what I’m talking about. With some killer talent and ideas, check out all of Amy’s looks…

1. Because just one braid isn’t enough

2. Nor is one ponytail

3. Mixing it up with braids and a voluminous pony

4. Sleek and straight is always chic

5. Romantic updo FTW

6. Bombshell blowouts are always welcome

7. When the back of your head is as amazing as your back

8. Love x 100

9. Elegant much?

10. Who can say no to braids?

Which one’s your fav?

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