This Popular Reality TV Couple Just Broke Up & It Was Fairly Dramatic!

Priyam Saha , 15 Sep 2016

Hi mart! #vartina

A post shared by Varun Sood (@varunsood12) on

Splitsvilla 9 sweethearts Varun Sood and Martina have broken up. Reportedly, Martina cheated on Varun with someone called Suraj. Varun had tweeted pointing to Martina’s Snapchat account.

He said:

Its funny how some people just change in a couple of months. Thanks for everything. I should have known before.

He also tweeted:

Yes she is a beautiful person..she chose a different path..different people. See her snapstory, I was also taken aback. You need to understand. She is with Suraj. I can’t force her. She is happy. It was her decision.

That’s dramatic!

He later deleted the tweets though and maintains that him and Martina are still good friends.

Martina chimed in too, saying:

Well, all’s well that ends well, I guess!

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