Rahul Raj Singh Opens Up About The Molestation Charges Against Him

Disha Dadlani , 15 Sep 2016
Rahul Raj Singh, Pratusha Banerjee
Rahul Raj Singh, Pratusha Banerjee

Late Pratyusha Banerjee‘s boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh, was recently accused of molesting a 21-year old aspiring South Indian actress. However, reports suggested that the case was still under investigation. And now, a recent development in the case indicates that Rahul’s sister, who was with him when the incident took place, was the one assaulted – and this is what prompted him to retaliate.

In a statement to BollywoodLife, Rahul said:

This is false news. She is trying to gain publicity using my name. My sister was badly assaulted by her. I did not hit them without any provocation.

Sahila Chaddha, Rahul’s sister told BollywoodLife:

This incident happened on Saturday night when we were dining at Bora Bora. A few unknown men walked in and misbehaved with me. They attacked us. I did not allow Rahul to get physical with them. In the bargain, they attacked me badly. It was like an attempt to murder. I got injured on my face and hands. I was bleeding severely. My mobile also broke. They were a group but two of them did maximum mischief. I was the first one to file a police complaint against them.

There have been reports of a prior enmity between Rahul and a producer who was with the actress during the incident. Apparently, Rahul visited the producer’s office for an upcoming project, but the producer could not meet him at the time. Rahul still stuck around in the premises and allegedly this did not go down well with the producer. This was followed by a bitter war of words.

From both Rahul and Sahila’s statements, it seems unclear as to who assaulted Sahila. However, it seems the “unknown men” were sent or joined by the South Indian actress and her producer friend.

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