Here's Why Emraan Hashmi Stopped Promoting 'Raaz Reboot'

Asira Tarannum , 17 Sep 2016


Emraan Hashmi promoted Raaz Reboot in Kolkata and Ahmedabad but after that, the actor wasn’t seen promoting the film. What could be the reason behind Emraan Hashmi missing from the promotions of the film?

It’s a known fact that Emraan is an actor who believes in promoting his films; during Ungli he was flying solo, and has always maintained that he will never abandon a project after shooting for it and will promote all his films.

Sources close to the actor revealed that the actor is down with Malaria and that’s the reason he had to cancel many of his interviews. The promotional tours to Jaipur, Chandigarh and Delhi also had to be cancelled.

Says a source:

Emraan doesn’t like cancelling promotional activities, he was having fever while he was promoting the film but later he was diagnosed with typhoid and was running high temperature that’s why he had to cancel the city tours and some interviews as well.

Here’s hoping he’s better now!

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