Deepika Padukone's Makeup Is To Die For!

Jyotika Udeshi , 19 Sep 2016

Oh, Deepika Padukone… how you kill us! Just when we thought the lady had done it all with her uber cool hairstyles, she turned around and stunned us with her gorgeous makeup. Don’t believe us? Check out the look below.

Under the extraordinary hands of Daniel Bauer, Deepika was made up to look like a regal queen. Copious amounts of highlighter was used to amp up the glow of her flawless skin, whilst a bold, red lipstick was applied to create a statement pout. The winner however, was her eye makeup! Using warm, burgundy tones, Daniel had swept on eye shadow all around Deepika’s eye – including her lower lash line. Her eyes were further defined with black liner and mascara. The actress’ hair was arranged in a sleek, side part to complement her look.

The reason behind the incredible makeup? An avant-garde Sabyasachi outfit! With an eclectic mix of shimmer and print, this ensemble was created to turn heads. The feathered neckline and embellished collar added to the drama and flair.

Glamorous, trendy and unexpected, this look is just an example of the magic that is created when Shaleena Nathani, Daniel Bauer and Deepika Padukone get together. Who knows what they will do next?

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