Guess Who: Despite Getting Hit On By Top Actresses, This Bollywood Actor Is Committed To His Wife

Shreemi Verma , 19 Sep 2016

Guess who

This week’s blind item in Rajeev Masand‘s column for Open Magazine is as easy as the actor (who has been written about) is on the eyes. Read on –

This Bollywood actor has a party boy reputation recently after rumours of his love for his drink started doing the rounds. While the actor can undoubtedly down a couple of pegs every night, but he’s no slobbering drunk. He likes going out too, but refreshingly and unlike other stars, he doesn’t have a roving eye. Despite the overwhelming attention he routinely receives from actresses and female fans, this actor is fully committed to his wife. The couple are expecting a second baby and the wife isn’t the ‘breathing down his neck’ type. Eyewitnesses swear they’ve seen at least two top female actresses hit on him at private parties, but the good-looking man with the bedroom eyes has studiously avoided taking the bait.

They don’t make them like that anymore, do they?

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