You Won't Believe What Kareena Kapoor's Pregnancy Cravings Are

Rashmi Daryanani , 19 Sep 2016
Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor is known to follow a healthy diet. Her dietician, Rujuta Diwekar, has been with her for years, and the nutritionist recently went on record to say that Kareena’s diet remains basic – she prefers eating local, and adapting her diet according to the country she’s in.

The two held a live Facebook chat earlier today, Monday, where they discussed healthy eating, pregnancy cravings and so much more. Kareena even dispelled the idea that she’s eating more just because she’s pregnant:

Everyone thinks I’m overeating now, but the idea is not to overeat just because you’re pregnant. Just because you’re carrying another person, it doesn’t mean you have to liberty to eat 20 chhapatis. Rujuta also believes that if you stick to whatever you’ve been doing even before you were pregnant, the idea of you gaining weight or your body type changing will not happen. Stick to whatever you’ve been doing for the last 10 years. The plan that we’ve been following has been quite basic, maybe an extra paratha.

And then she revealed her number one craving, which is – quite frankly – baffling. I can’t imagine wanting to eat this ever, much less when pregnant!

I’m constantly craving a lot of karela, which is quite… very different. I really like the taste, I enjoy the taste. Everyone says add a little sugar to it and the bitterness goes, but I don’t like that. I like that it has a bitter, pungent taste to it. It’s something that I enjoy. And it’s extremely rich in iron, and it’s got so many benefits in it. I’m enjoying all the vegetables – today’s lunch was lauki mutter.

Thankfully, she has a more “normal” craving:

I’m also very strangely enjoying a lot of Indian sweets more than the pastries, cakes, whipped cream. I think that I’m eating more home-based sweets, whether it’s the suji ka pedas or besan ka laddos. I’m trying to be as good and healthy.

If you were wondering why the random karela craving, Rujuta actually has a pretty sound explanation. According to her, one of the main reasons Kareena’s craving the home-made mithai, unlike the western sweets, is because they’re low on the glycemic index and have blood sugar regulating properties. This allows iron, calcium and minerals to reach the various cells that require energy. According to Rujuta, during pregnancy, you crave things that are more healthy for you because you’re more intuitive. It’s also apparently the reason Kareena is craving karela, because the vegetable is also known for blood sugar regulating properties, and helps with mood stability.


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