Here's What Saif Ali Khan Doesn't Trust Kareena Kapoor About

Rashmi Daryanani , 20 Sep 2016
Rujuta Diwekar and Kareena Kapoor
Rujuta Diwekar and Kareena Kapoor

At the live chat with dietician Rujuta Diwekar recently, Kareena Kapoor revealed the one diet advice she’s taken from Rujuta and given to Saif Ali Khan. It’s actually a very basic rule, which involves not having more than three things on your plate at one time – something she says she tries to follow every time at home. It seems like Saif took a little time to get on-board with this idea, but now he’s been following it.

Here’s what Kareena said:

If it’s palak paneer, roti and achar, that’s three things. I always tells Saif, that’s three things, don’t cross three things. And he says no, but I’ll also have this salad – and I say no, [Rujuta] said three things! So now he’s got his mind around this. That if he has achar, he can’t have something else. Whole day he’s calculating what he’s supposed to have. I think that also helps a lot, keeping these basic rules in mind.

Kareena, it seems, tries to be Saif’s nutritionist, but the actor’s having none of it – and always calls Rujuta to confirm, even though Rujuta herself has gone on record to say that Kareena could probably put her out of business!

When Rujuta asked whether she’s “playing dietician” to Saif, Kareena said:

He doesn’t trust me! When he says he doesn’t want to eat something, I give him an alternate, and he says ‘No, but Rujuta hasn’t said I can eat it.’ And I say, but I am telling you you can eat it! He says ‘No, you don’t know anything.’ I know exactly what to eat when! He doesn’t believe me. But he’s been following it really well, and looking super fit – and enjoying the diets you give him. But of course suddenly he’ll call you up and say ‘I want to eat this.’ I’ve already said yes, you can, but he’ll recheck with you and then have it.

I dunno about you, but given how good Kareena looks, I’d definitely trust her.

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