Karan Johar Gives Us A Rare Insight On Rani Mukerji & Aditya Chopra's Parenting Skills

Shreemi Verma , 21 Sep 2016
Karan Johar, Rani Mukerji
Karan Johar, Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra are known to be notoriously private, that’s why any glimpse into their daily lives gets everyone curious. Karan Johar thankfully gave us all an insight on the couple’s parenting skills in a chat with Filmfare.

Aditya Chopra
Source: Twitter @Rani_MukerjiFC

Here’s what he said about the two –

I met Rani and Adi in Europe and spent some time with them. I kept teasing Rani by calling her Mother India because she’s obsessive about her daughter. We’re all amused about that. Adi and I are always laughing about how hysterical she is, but she’s lovely.

He spoke so cutely about Adira too –

Adira is beautiful. Adi and Rani are special to me and their child is exceptionally special. I get teary eyed when I see Rani and Adi as parents. Adi is my closest friend in the industry. In fact, we’re best friends.


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