The Nail Colours You Need To Get Autumn/Winter-Ready!

Natasha Patel , 21 Sep 2016
Nails (Source: Instagram/ @deborahlippmann)
Nails (Source: Instagram/ @deborahlippmann)

Autumn/Winter is all about cosy clothes and dark hues. But that doesn’t only have to get reflected by your outfits or hair colour! We’re listing down for you a few of the coolest nail colours on the block that will have you all ready to get over this rainy, monsoon weather and transition to the coming months of the year – the best ones we think ;) Check them out:


While we aren’t going totally peachy and neutral, it’s nice to still keep it simple and pretty.


If you’re not ready to progress to a dark colour on your nails just yet, try a deep green that gives off a summer-y look as well.


Rich burgundy and brick reds are the ever-essential colours for autumn. Not only are they timeless, but they let you feel a little fearless and sexy.


The ultimate nail trend of the year – chrome nails. While you can actually choose any colour combination for this, chrome nails have that shinning, glassy effect and you’d definitely want to be seen around rocking that trend!


Ah, the ever-classic black. What’s autumn-winter without the basics, right?

 So, which colour would you like to try?

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