Pritam‘s Bulleya from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has garnered a lot of appreciation from the music buffs, but at the same time has also found itself in controversy. Many have been claiming that the electric guitar riff portion of Bulleya has been lifted from The Last Resort, Papa Roach’s first single from their album Infest. The song has even been compared to the songs played by Iron Maiden.

The music producer of the song, Sunny MR, denied the allegations and emphasised that the track was not inspired by any other song:

The Bulleya guitar riff is, musically, no where close to any of the songs it’s being referred to. The notes are totally different. The riff is in a simple 1/16 timing widely used in many genres not limited to any specific song. This timing is also used for many background score pieces. It’s like calling a rock song a copy of another rock song just because they use the same set of instruments.

Sunny also exclusively shared a picture of the guitar riffs of both the songs and added that “This should serve as an eye opener to all those accusing an artist.”

Here are the guitar riffs from both the songs, have a look and decide!

Bulleya and The Last Resort guitar riffs
Bulleya and The Last Resort guitar riffs

What are your thoughts?