“I Am Mentally Disturbed” – Sooraj Pancholi’s Mother Speaks Up

“I Am Mentally Disturbed” – Sooraj Pancholi’s Mother Speaks Up

Sukriti Gumber
Sooraj Pancholi, Zarina Wahab, Aditya Pancholi
Sooraj Pancholi, Zarina Wahab, Aditya Pancholi

After the shocking new twists that are emerging in the Jiah Khan suicide case, Sooraj Pancholi is in trouble again as he directly comes under the radar of suspect. This has not gone down too well with his mother Zarina Wahab.

When SpotboyE asked Zarina about the latest findings, she said:

Kya bolun? Rabia ko karne doh jo karna hai. She is going after my innocent son. I am mentally disturbed. Look, it has been proved that Sooraj was at Hotel Novatel (Juhu) at the exact time when Jiah died. He was having dinner with his friends. If Jiah has been murdered and I understand Rabia’s motherly feelings, then she should leave no stone unturned in finding the real killer. Why blame Sooraj? Rabia has no fear of God. I know my son is innocent and God is watching.

She further went on to say:

Sooraj and Jiah had broken up long before Jiah died. I don’t know if Jiah was feeling insecure, but she was just not leaving my son.

She was also asked about her husband Aditya Pancholi’s reaction to all this, to which she agitatedly replied:

He is feeling great. He is having a ball. What kind of a question is that?  Everybody is feeling terrible. You are asking me if it’s hurting me.

When asked if she has met Jiah’s mother after the new twist in the case:

No, I haven’t seen her face. We might forgive her but God will not. Pata nahin kiska frustration kispe nikal rahi hai. With the Payne-James report, Rabia is indicating that our CBI, police and court have all been going wrong so far. Isn’t that ridiculous?