From New York to London to Milan, Fashion Week (more like month) has taken over my life, but I only saw the best when it came to the Dolce & Gabbana Spring ’17 show yesterday. The setting was a sort of tropical paradise – as were the clothes, of course!

With sequins, prints, fringe, and a whole lot of embellishments put onto one runway, this show was truly unbelievable.

Red lips, subtle wing and flawless skin was the beauty theme of the night. Done by Pat McGrath, this look not only stood out among the stunning outfits, it’s actually very do-able!

We spotted tons of shimmer, florals, prints and lots of accessorises

Incredible right? The night finally ended with a huge dinner – Like HUGE…

Oh, and this was the party favour at dinner

What a show! What a night!

No words left, I just have lots of FOMO! KBye