Sonakshi Sinha, Sakshi Malik & Other Female Celebrities Show Us How To Be Unstoppable #LikeAGirl!

Disha Dadlani , 27 Sep 2016
Sonakshi Sinha, Sakshi Malik
Sonakshi Sinha, Sakshi Malik

According to me, the most annoying #LikeAGirl statement that a girl is subjected to, is when boys are told not to cry ‘like a girl’. And this, I’m sure most girls can vouch for. As girls, we’re often told to conform to a certain behaviour and dressing style. Bollywood constantly shatters such attached stigma and misconceptions that people hold about girls. Yes, I’m a girl. No, I don’t cry at the drop of a hat, nor do I stay away from sports. With its portrayal of strong female roles, films like Akira, Mardaani and Mary Kom, among others, drive the message that girls should take pride in doing things ‘like a girl’. Whisper recently released a video to change the meaning of the phrase ‘like a girl’ and brought together female celebrities to further this initiative. Sonakshi Sinha, Sakshi Malik, Bani J and Soha Ali Khan spearheaded the movement and lifted weights, arm wrestled and played badminton, #LikeAGirl.

Check out how Sonakshi, Sakshi, Bani and Soha slayed it with their challenges:

Sonakshi Sinha & Sakshi Malik arm wrestle and kickstart the challenge
Sonakshi Sinha & Sakshi Malik arm wrestle and kickstart the challenge
Bani J launches the challenge
Whisper India launches the #LikeAGirl and Proud Challenge

Since social media challenges are the flavour of the season, it seems only right to spread awareness the same way. In a bid to empower young girls and reinstate their confidence, Whisper opened the ‘Proud Challenge’ to all girls and asked them to post their photos/videos on social media, doing anything #LikeAGirl, and extend the challenge to five others by tagging their friends. It’s heartwarming to see how much the challenge is growing on social media.

Check these out:

"Ew, Stop dancing like 'a girl'" Break the stereotype #LikeAGirl and proud challenge #whisperIndia #UnstoppableLikeAGirl

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So what are you waiting for? Show everyone that you’re #UnstoppableLikeAGirl, because being ‘like a girl’ means being amazing.

This post is in partnership with Whisper India. 

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