Boman Irani Hosted A Fun House Party And We Have All The Deets!

Disha Dadlani , 28 Sep 2016
Boman Irani and MissMalini
Boman Irani and MissMalini

We told you recently that Bollywood’s coolest and most adorable actor Boman Irani is throwing a house party. He urged everyone to challenge Ambi Pur with their ‘smelfies’ and they could stand a chance to get invited to his fun house party. MissMalini caught up with Boman and he told her all about his fun party! Boman let us in on the stinkiest situation he’s been in and went on to play a fun #SmellyToSmiley game. What’s more, MissMalini also chatted with Farah Khan about the one thing nobody knows about Boman. She also has a cool piece of advice for those who don’t know how to deal with stinky situations in their house!

Watch their fun chat here:

Check out some cool photos from Boman’s house party:


The challenge ended on a fun note – shortlisted participants visited Boman’s house party along with the stinkiest odour from their homes. Clearly, in the battle between Ambi Pur and bad odour, Ambi Pur triumphed!

Are you facing any stinky situations? You know what would help you get rid of it – get your hands on Ambi Pur NOW!

This post is in partnership with Ambi Pur.

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