VIDEO: Sofia Hayat Slams A News Website, Asks Them To Learn Some English!

Disha Dadlani , 28 Sep 2016
Sofia Hayat | Source: Instagram
Gaia Mother Sofia | Source: Instagram

After she announced that she’s turning to nunhood, Gaia Mother Sofia has been constantly grabbing headlines. Recently, the former Bigg Boss contestant took to Instagram to silence all the hate that was coming her way. She compared herself with Baba Ramdev and went on to say that she wears more clothes than him. The ex-model has been observed to address criticism and rumours on social media, and she’s at it again. Ahead of her upcoming film Six-X, she posted a video where she expressed her disappointment against a news website that called her project an ‘adult film’. An adult movie in the West involves complete nudity and real sex, none of which is in Six-X, she complained. She went on to ask the news website to ‘learn their terms and learn some English’.

Here’s what she said:


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