15 People Reveal The Most Scarring Things They've Seen Their Parents Do

Shreemi Verma , 29 Sep 2016
Mother - daughter (Source: giphy.com)
Mother – daughter (Source: giphy.com)

Warning: Some answers given by users are graphic in nature.

A person on Quora asked fellow users to share incidents about their parents which they wish they hadn’t seen or heard. The answers were obviously very interesting, and most of them involved walking into the parents while they’re having sex. But, some other stories are more fucked up than that and it will definitely change your perspective on many things. Here are some of the best answers we saw –

1) Alexandra Bagale will never forget the colour orange

I arrived home at my expected time and sluggishly half walked/half crawled down the hall towards my bedroom. I had to pass my parents room in order to do this.

An orange blur in the corner of my eye appeared.

I turned to look and-OH GOD!-my dad was buried between my mother’s thighs and lo and behold her orange socks was the blur that caught my attention. I shrieked in surprise and disgust whilst running like a mad man to my bedroom. Now not only was I dead tired and exhausted from a hard day at work…my stomach was threatening to regurgitate its contents.

My mom still denies it to this day. I call her “orange socks” and she gets irritated haha. Or, more hilariously, Agent Orange.

Choker ( Source: Giphy)
Choker ( Source: Giphy)

2) This person, who chose to remain anonymous and spoke about instances of domestic abuse

I belong to a conventional society of a third world country where some men sometime physically hurt their wives on even minor quarrels and issues.

I, unfortunately, remember seeing my father slapping my mother at the age of 5. This behavior kept on going till I was 15 and had no guts to stop it. These things made me deeply sensitive, reserved and embarrassed. I wish I hadn’t seen them fighting on illogical things as it affected me every single manner.

3) Trinh Vu saw her dad watch soft porn

Catching my dad watching suggestive videos (not porn, but getting there) and catching them having sex (multiple times, but thankfully, they’d hide under the covers right away right as I walked in on them. I acted as casual as possible.

4) Becka Taylor wrote about anal beads (yea)

I have found their sex toys occasionally when looking to borrow hair products or socks (after asking), including anal beads and part of a school girl costume. And a few books about the joys of sex and so on. I mean, I’m glad that they are happy but I could have done without knowing so specifically what they get up to… 

Anushka Sharma
Source: Giphy.com

5) Srishti Raj shared a heart-breaking story about her parents dealing with debt.

I was in standard second, just eight years when I saw tears trickling down my father’s face. I do not remember any other childhood memory of that age, but I remember this. And probably this will haunt me all my life.
Our business shut down, after that, every now and then, investors would come to our home and ask my father to repay them back. 
One investor was at home for the same cause. His words were so sharp and his demands too high that probably broke down my father. My mother with tears in her own eyes was consoling him, while I hid inside the kitchen watching, afraid to move.

6) LexAndria Nachəweena Daaw’aatra Owen recalled a horrific incident

I was 3 or 4 years old.  I think I had woken up, when heard shouting downstairs which upset me. I stood on the staircase and listened, I slowly descended to see my parents fighting. They continued to shout not noticing me, I was quiet and small, I watched my dad push my mom down the stairs while they shouted. 

I asked while holding my blanket and the railing, “Why are you guys fighting?”

My parents immediately turned around arms held out to me saying, “No, honey! We weren’t fighting…”

That’s my earliest memory. 

7) Jamie Barth thankfully didn’t have an abusive family, but he saw something pretty gross

I once walked in on my mother lancing a huge boil on my father’s inner thigh, right at the moment when it popped at about a pint of clear fluid, pus, and blood came running out on to towels that they had put down for this purpose. Well, the part that didn’t fly across the room and hit the wall when it popped.

Imagine a zit/blister about the size of an apple. That’s what it was like. 

aishwarya rai
Source: Giphy.com

8) This (anonymous) person’s account of two incidents from his childhood are very disturbing

Two incidents, but only 1 day apart and definitely related.

I was around 9 years old. We lived in a tiny two bedroom apartment where I shared a room with my brother and sister. On this particular day, it was only me and my parents home. I was watching TV in the front room while they were fighting, as usual, in their bedroom only about 10 feet away.

I remember just zoning out on the TV and listening to what they were arguing about. As most kids with parents who constantly fight, I somehow thought whatever they were fighting about was my fault. I got lost in thought, wondering what I’d done this time, when I suddenly realized it was dead silent.

If you’ve lived with parents who constantly yell and get violent with each other, silence is like a different, unknown realm. My thoughts raced. What were they doing? What happened? Should I go look? Will I catch them having sex again?

I slowly gathered the courage to get out of my chair and walk, as quietly as I possibly could. 

They were on the bed. My dad was on top of my mom and neither could see me. Are they doing it? It took only a couple seconds for it to click but it felt like minutes. There’s a pillow over my mom’s face and my dad is holding it down. And he’s not just on top of her, he’s sitting on her chest with his knees holding down her arms.

I can’t remember making any noise but I must have because my dad turned around and saw me. “Get out!” He yelled it over and over but I was still frozen. He finally got off the bed and left. It took my mom a few seconds but she finally woke up. I don’t remember my dad coming home that night, nor do I remember how much my mom drank.

The next morning, my brother, sister, and I were in the front room watching TV and eating cereal. My dad was asleep on his army cot, taking up most of the walking space in the front room. We tried to be quiet and turned the TV down to not wake him but I’m sure we were mostly unsuccessful.

Suddenly, my mom was standing in the doorway to the hall. We looked at her with confusion. She was just standing there, completely naked. We seemed to not exist, she was focused on my sleeping father.

Then, from behind her back, came the biggest butcher knife I’d ever seen. I still have no clue where it came from, we definitely didn’t have anything that nice – but I’ve always assumed it was from her lesbian girlfriend. All three of us kids screamed as she lifted the knife and lunged toward my dad. I had no idea he had ninja-like reflexes, but he rolled off that cot a split second before the knife cleanly sliced it down the middle. It took a few minutes to talk the knife out of my mom’s hands, and a lot of tearful pleading from her children.

My dad still has that cot, don’t ask me why, I don’t understand it either. They’ve been separated since then, for almost 20 years now. When I first told my husband this story, and countless others like it, he was in disbelief. He’d met them both and they didn’t seem like the kind of people who would behave in such ways.

Well, a decade and a half plus half a country between them, and they’re different people.

9) Dimple Rana’s father was physically abusive

My father beating my mother, then running after her with a knife down the street, and my mom running away from him for her life and screaming and crying.

They still stayed with each other to raise a dysfunctional family. She didn’t put any charges on him.

10) Gail’s idea of a ‘massage’ was very different when he was a kid

Till the age of around 9 years old I shared the bed with my mom while dad tended to sleep on the floor on a single bed. One time when I was 5 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night to my parents doing the “deed” and my naive and sleepy self asked what they were doing and they said they were massaging each other…. I have no idea how I remember that night when I was half asleep but I wish I didn’t.  

11) Joe Penson’s poor girlfriend had to see far too much

I have two instances, I remember going downstairs to get a drink and seeing my mums head pop from under the table, her hair a mess and red faced. It didn’t take much for to figure out she had been giving her boyfriend a blow job.

Second time was when I came down stairs with my girlfriend at the time on Christmas morning to get us coffee and I see said boyfriend making my mum and himself coffee, butt naked. We just walked out silently. My girlfriend then sat on my bed wide eyed as she couldn’t get over the fact he had an 8 inch flaccid penis. 

Kareena Kapoor
Source: Giphy.com

12) This anonymous and scarred Indian person

Two things –

In India it’s quite normal for kids to sleep with parents so unfortunately I witnessed couple of incidents which I wish I had not..

My mom was requesting my dad to take some medicine for improving sex drive which he was not agreeing, they were having an argument on this, thinking I had slept.

This one again was my mom asking my dad to hold her breasts, they thought I had slept again.

Source | Giphy
Source | Giphy

13) This poor soul who had to hold his pee AND catch his parents watch porn

I was 12–13 at that time and didn’t know much about porn. I was trying to sleep in my bedroom but could not sleep. I had to go to the bathroom. My bedroom does not have a bathroom. It is in another room. And the TV lounge is in way of another room. I slightly opened the door and saw that my parents were watching porn on a DVD player. I closed the door ASAP.

They still don’t know that I found out about this.

That night was very horrible for me. Not only mentally but physically too (I had to pee).

14) This dude who found his mom’s vibrator #awkward

Not really doing, but I definitely wish I never would have seen.

I had to be around 23, newlywed, came with my lovely wife for a visit at my parents place. My parents decided we should all go to the sea for the weekend.

As I’m packing up the car for the road, I suddenly hear a faint buzzing sound from one of the suitcases. I decide to investigate, big mistake.

Within an unobtrusive pouch, I find my mother’s VIBRATOR.

I’m thankful for the fact that nobody was there to witness that. Up until that moment I had only seen such toys in porn movies.

Me and the wife had a good laugh after that. When my wife bought her own, we made sure whenever we go on a trip to take the batteries out. 

Source: Giphy.com

15) And finally, Alexander Neuenschwander who saw his parents indulge in oral sex

One day when I was home and waiting for my parents to leave for a meeting I saw my Mom giving my Dad a blowjob on the couch when I was just about get a snack.  

Source: giphy
Source: giphy

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