Milan Fashion Week Had Some Of The Coolest Street Style Looks!

Surelee Joseph , 29 Sep 2016
Milan Fashion Week was all about tailored elegance with a hint of rock and roll. Pic:
Milan Fashion Week was all about tailored elegance with a hint of rock and roll. Pic:

It’s fashion month! I’m still reeling from all the fashion spotted on the streets of New York and London, but I saw how the style frenzied people of Milan took their looks to the streets and it deserved this blog post. While London and New York style during the fashion season is heavily influenced by retro punk, street hip hop and sport luxe… Milan style is all about tailored looks even on the streets. It could be edgy or outlandishly cool, but the Italian obsession with well finished detailing came across on the street style vibes we spotted of the runway.

While the runways will define next spring’s style, you can find the best of today’s looks right on the sidewalks. Take a look at our top 10 street style picks at Milan Fashion Week.

Arty Prints

Sequins Done Right

Tailored Elegance

Minimal Layering At It’s Best

Textured Monochrome

That 70’s Vibe

Of Ruffles & Denim

Gothic Punk

Oversized Perfection

Ruffle Me Up

Show-goers have brought their A-game, sartorially speaking, and impressed us with their bright colours, bold prints and tailored outfits. Milan street style was dominated by strong shoulders, cascades of ruffles and, of course, some fine Italian leather. I can’t wait to see what Paris has to offer. Stay tuned for our street style updates from Paris Fashion Week next Friday.

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