Pregnant Model Wanted To Live Stream Her Child Birth On Twitter!

Shreemi Verma , 04 Oct 2016
Josie Cunningham
Josie Cunningham

British model Josie Cunningham, who infamously got an abortion so she could get a nose job, wanted to live stream her child birth on the streaming app Periscope, but the plan had to change as she smashed the phone to pieces because of labour pains. Soon after, she welcomed a healthy daughter.

According to, the model was forced to scrap the idea after her labour pains got worse and she smashed her phone. Here’s what a source said about the whole thing –

Josie went into labour in the early hours of Thursday morning. She was convinced she was going to be late with this pregnancy as she showed no signs, but her water broke unexpectedly.

Another source made a similar quote to The Sun

Josie was in agony, she threw her phone against the wall and broke it, luckily she had a friend with her who got her to the hospital – but no one else knew she was in labour until the following morning.

This is Josie’s fourth child.

Source: IANS

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