Kajol Is Back And Looking Better Than Ever!

Alisha Fernandes , 06 Oct 2016

Despite the sea of pretty faces that populate Bollywood currently, there are few ladies with as much overall appeal as Kajol. She is the full package and seemingly a dying breed because in addition to that  beautiful face, she has bucket loads of personality to match. She doesn’t seem to have changed at all or rather aged in any perceivable way and is as bubbly and exuberant as ever! In her new ad for Olay, she looks even better than before,  which almost begs the question, is she ageing backwards?

Many voices say multiple things about the secret to staying young. And aside from love, laughter and fresh air – the one thing every girl should pay heed to is starting your anti-ageing skin care regimen young. Your skin is a dead giveaway of your age and the appearance of dull skin, dark spots and fine lines are actually the first signs of ageing.

Kajol started using Olay Total Effects 7 years ago, and look at her now!

Check it out:

So kids, take it from her if you won’t from me – start early and take care of your skin. The proof that it works is Kajol’s face.

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This post is in partnership with Olay India.

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