Guess Who: It Seems Like This A-List Actress Is Trying Hard To Run Down Her Contemporaries

Shreemi Verma , 07 Oct 2016


A blind item in Open Magazine has alluded that a top actress is trying rather hard to run down her contemporaries in Bollywood. It seems like people from her camp are going out of their way to put down other Bollywood heroines. Recently, another star actress was in news as she made it to a respected and legit list of the richest actresses in the world. The publicists of the heroine in question immediately launched a campaign to undermine her rival’s achievement in order to create the perception that she earns more.

Last week too, an A-list actress won an award at a high profile fashion event and soon enough, stories of this actress being the original choice for the said award started doing the rounds. The actress is kicking ass all over the world actually, but her team’s attempts to undermine other actresses is not being taken well by anyone.

Any guesses?

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