The Best Of Street Style At Paris Fashion Week

Surelee Joseph , 07 Oct 2016
Its all about style on the streets at Paris Fashion Week. Pic:
Its all about style on the streets at Paris Fashion Week. Pic:

After New York, London and Milan, the fashion set touched down in Paris for the final lap of fashion month and they saved their best looks for last. While most of the much-discussed styles during Paris Fashion Week appear on the runways, there’s a whole show happening at street level. When the fashion world is gathered in one city, there’s no shortage of amazing style. Parisian style is a fascinating mix of old world elegance and modern creativity. What makes street style at #PFW special is their nonchalant flair. The trick to Parisian street style is to refine your look by keeping it simple. And by simple, we mean monochrome (for the most part). Take a look at some of the coolest monochromatic street style at Paris Fashion Week.

Jogger Swag

The Classic Brenton

Colour Pop

See Through Style

Casual Classic

Sequin Loving

Textured Monochrome

That ’80s Look

Clean Shapes

Deconstructed Arms

These were some of the best monochrome outfits at PFW. But there were also some statement tees and coats, and unexpected colour pairings — this is perfect inspiration for your wardrobe this fall. Take a look…

Statement Tee

Colour Mash Up

Denim On Denim

Floral Mania

It’s a wrap, the showcase of Spring/Summer 2017 collections has come to an end leaving us with endless inspiration. We end our street style at fashion week on a high as Paris gave us lot’s of monochrome outfits, bomber and leather jackets, denim on denim, pinstripes, mod pops of primary colour, lots of dark layers and ankle pants. Pajama tops and ankle pants are really having a fashion moment this season. While many street style stars were seen gently pushing the Parisian boundary, more seasoned fashion insiders pulled off casual, yet clean lines.

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