We've Totally Got Our Eye On Vaani Kapoor!

Alisha Fernandes , 07 Oct 2016
Vaani Kapoor
Vaani Kapoor

Once in a while, B-town celebrities grab our attention not because of their pretty faces (let’s be honest those are a plenty) but because we spot a certain spark that sets them apart. Vaani Kapoor is one such example of the kind of girl we get cool fashiony vibes from. She’s been flooding our Instagram feeds with some cool Parisian street style considering she’s in the city of love to launch her upcoming movie trailer launch. Starring opposite the exuberant Ranveer Singh in Bekfire, she’s living it up in Paris in anticipation of the launch event. Here are some shots that have us falling in love with her cool style!





Jacket game is strong with this one, no? To be fair, we would also take full advantage of Paris in the fall to get our layers on! But it got us thinking…her street style is great, but what could she possibly wear for the launch that could be apt for the city known for it’s fashion sense?

I for one think it’s mighty cool that it’s going to happen at the Eiffel Tower in any case, but it’s kinda added pressure to look as amazing, I would think. Well… we did some sleuth-like digging to find out that Vaani is definitely going to wear a Parisian designer AND it’s going to be in a dark hue that will do justice to her hourglass figure. Care to venture any guesses? Let me know by commenting below.

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