Say Hello To The Hair Colour That's Taking Over Instagram!

Jyotika Udeshi , 08 Oct 2016

Think rose gold, and you will see images of iPhones and jewellery… but hair? Rather than going for the standard brown or even a chic platinum, people all across the globe have opted to dye their strands with this delicate hue. Here are 5 instances to give your inspiration!

1. All Out

The latest to join the #rosegold brigade is social media Queen, Kylie Jenner. With her tousled waves and and pink-toned locks, Kylie manages to look glam but casual. #goals

2. Subtle Tints

If Kylie’s look is too much for you, go for this graduated look. The top of your hair will look muted, whilst the ends will scream high fashion!

3. Root It

Dyed hair looks fabulous, but requires a ton of maintenance… unless you choose to be like Hilary Duff. The actress/songstress allows her natural roots to show thus making her look edgy and trendy.

4. Curl Crazy

Who said that curly girls can’t experiment with colour? Make a statement by with this pretty hue and let your curls shine in all their glory!

5. Deepen It

If the above colours are too pastel for your taste, go for a richer tone like Emma Roberts. Dubbed as Desert Rose, this coppery hue looks classy and polished.

Would you be willing to try this trend out?

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