Aashka Goradia has a story that’s the stuff of movies. The actress recently ended a decade-long relationship with co-star Rohit Bakshi, but shortly after that, she found love again in the form of Brent Globe. The two met at a concert in the Las Vegas, and fell in love soon after. Aashka stayed in the US for a while, and after a month she went back to Vegas just to see him. 5 days in, they realised there was just no point in wasting time, and Brent took her home to meet his parents. Shortly after that, he decided to move to India, as he didn’t want Aashka to give up her career.

Recently, she posted a cute selfie of her kissing him, with an adorable caption:

From the sounds of it, the two are even planning on tying the knot soon. Aashka said the wedding will probably take place some time next year, but he hasn’t officially proposed yet.