Aww! This Celebrity Couple Had A Surprise Wedding In Las Vegas!

Shreemi Verma , 11 Oct 2016
Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth

The star of Transformers and Fury, Shia LaBeouf married his girlfriend Mia Goth in Las Vegas, and they exchanged some pretty unusual vows.

The wedding took place at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel in Sin City on Monday. It was officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator and live-streamed by TMZ. Check out some of their tweets –

The bride wore a short crocheted white gown with a veil, while Shia sported a black suit with white button hole. They entered the chapel with an Elvis Presley song playing in the background, before they exchanged their vows –

Here’s what Shia said –

With this ring; I thee wed; With a prayer; that our love grows stronger; through the passing years. And I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.

And here’s what Mia said –

I give you this ring; as a token and pledge; of our vows to each other; praying that our love; shall never fade. And I’m pretty much going to do whatever I want.

They then also promised to adopt one another’s hounddogs, not to wear their blue sues shoes in the rain, to be “one another’s teddy bear” and to love each other “like a hunka hunka burning love”.

If this isn’t the best wedding ever, what is?

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