Ever Wondered Why Kajol's Still Rocking The Unibrow? This Is The Reason

Rashmi Daryanani , 11 Oct 2016
Kajol and Mickey Contractor
Kajol and Mickey Contractor

Ever since she entered the movies, Kajol has been sporting a unibrow – something we bet she’s had pressure to get rid of at the start of her career. However, the actress has stuck to her guns, and all these years later she’s still rocking it. Turns out, there was one person behind helping convince everyone that she should keep it: popular make-up artist Mickey Contractor.

Mickey and Kajol, who have been close friends for around three decades, appeared together on Vogue BFFs to talk about their friendship. During the episode, Kajol revealed that her mother only let her do her first film – Bekhudi – because she learned that Mickey would be handling Kajol’s hair and make-up.

Maa only gave Rahul uncle the permission for the film saying I know for a fact that Gautam is writing the film and Mickey is doing the hair and make-up and everything else. So I know she is going to be safe.

Kajol even went on to say that Mickey was the one who convinced everyone that she should keep going with her unibrow. Pretty awesome – we love that she’s been challenging this beauty norm in the industry for over two decades.

On his part, Mickey revealed the first time Kajol told him she was getting married, and how he couldn’t believe she was tying the knot with Ajay Devgn:

You know, the first time that she told me about [Ajay Devgn], I was quite shocked. I didn’t know him that well then, maybe I know him a little better now. But just a little bit better. When she told me that she is getting married, I was like Ok, so who are you getting married to? Then she said asked me to guess. So I only asked her if it is somebody within films. She said yes. I asked actor, technician. She said actor. I had gone through a whole list of people. I had never imagined Kajol and Ajay together as a couple before. I mean they had done films. But he is very different from what she is, and I guess that’s where the attraction came in.

The episode airs on Colors Infinity at 9pm on Saturday.

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