7 Times Gigi Hadid's Beauty Game Was On Point!

Jyotika Udeshi , 13 Oct 2016
Gigi Hadid (Courtesy: Image Collect)
Gigi Hadid (Courtesy: Image Collect)

Gigi Hadid is the definition of a cool girl. Whether she’s strutting on the streets or the runway, she exudes a casual, chic vibe that we can’t get enough of. Whilst her outfits contribute to a large part of her style, it’s her beauty game that has us gaping. Here are 7 times where she provided a whole lot of inspiration!

1. When She Transformed Into A Mermaid

Ok, Gigi didn’t actually turn into a mermaid… but her eye makeup definitely gave us under-the-sea vibes! With a bold mix of purple and blue, her shimmery eyes looked like a work of art.

2. When She Was A Braid Boss

We’re forgoing our topknots in favour of this badass ‘do! With the functionality of a ponytail and the trendiness of a braid, Gigi’s hairstyle made her look fiercer than ever.

3. When She Decided That Silver Was Her Colour

Chrome nails, sparkles on her eyes, glitter in her side part… Gigi proved that sometimes silver is better than gold! Although this look may be too OTT to wear in real life, we’re definitely going to be trying all the components out individually.

4. When She Nailed A Makeup Trend

2016 is the year of experimenting with eye liner. Gigi slayed this trend perfectly with her cool, double winged eye.

5. When She Took Polished To Another Level

Sleek hair always makes you look more put together. By adding a deep lip colour and oodles of highlighter, Gigi amped up the elegance of her look.

6. When She Owned Burgundy

Why stick to black and brown, when you’ve got burgundy? Gigi’s smoky eye looked edgy, bold and so very fashionable.

7. When She Looked Like A Doll

With her locks styled into a bow and diamantes around her eyes, Gigi embodied a living doll. We love how the swipe of blue liner on her lower rims kept the look from getting too frilly.

Which of these is your favourite?

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