Shruti Haasan's Powerful Video Shows Everyone How To "Be The Bitch"

Sukriti Gumber , 13 Oct 2016
Shruti Hassan
Shruti Haasan

The dictionary defines the term ‘Bitch’ as a difficult or unpleasant situation or thing. And yet, in present day scenario, it’s a word commonly associated with woman and dropped around precariously for any and every woman who did not pertain to the idea of an ‘ideal woman’.

Blush, in yet another amazing video is asking women to embrace the word and why not, considering it’s so popularly used for their gender. Shruti Haasan does absolute justice to the video, with the poem written and narrated by her.

Watch it here!

About her collaboration with Blush, the actress said:

I don’t believe one needs to fit into an archetypes or follow set norms. As an egalitarian, I am a firm believer that our understanding of certain stigma laden terms need an overhaul and that’s what made me do this video. I discussed the idea with the Blush team to come out with this showcase of the gutsy yet vulnerable woman of today who is otherwise labelled as “the bitch”. I worked on it further, fleshing it out with my opinions and how centuries of notions have coloured our vision and understanding. I am happy with how the video has shaped up – it calls a spade a spade – and well, it’s honest.

Go ahead, call women a bitch and they will turn it into a positive term for all you know.

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