The Ultimate Bigg Boss Drinking Game That Will Take You Through The Entire Season

Rashmi Daryanani , 15 Oct 2016
The ultimate Bigg Boss 10 drinking game
The ultimate Bigg Boss 10 drinking game

The 10th season of Bigg Boss takes off on Sunday night at 9pm, and after that we’re in for over a 100 days of drama, fights, hilarity, immaturity – you name it, it’s probably on Bigg Boss. This season, in particular, is a little extra “special” as it involves the inclusion of common people – “aam aadmi” – alongside celebrity guests, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out.

I always approach Bigg Boss season with a mixture of dread and anticipation, and I figure the best way to deal with all these conflicting emotions is with alcohol. If you agree, round up your friends, because we’ve got the ultimate drinking game for you. All you’ll need to do is make everyone a drink (to start off with) and keep alcohol + shot glasses ready for the shots!

Here are the rules:

Take a sip when:

– Bigg Boss talks
– Someone is fake nice to another person
– Someone complains about missing home
– Someone talks behind a contestant’s back (in the confession room/to another contestant)
– Someone complains about having to do a household chore
– A celebrity guest makes an appearance on the show

Take a gulp when:

– Someone pranks another house guest
– Someone claims they can’t do a task
– Someone struggles to speak Hindi
– An “aam aadmi” appears starstruck with a celebrity
– Salman Khan grills a contestant
– A contestant sucks up to Salman Khan

Take a shot when:

– Salman Khan flirts with the token firang
– Someone cries
– Two contestants begin a new romance
– Salman Khan takes another struggling actor under his wing

Down whatever’s left of your drink when:

– Two contestants kiss/make out
– Someone’s expletive has to be bleeped out
– Contestants get into a physical fight

Make everyone else drink when:

– You’ve correctly guessed who will be evicted
– You’ve correctly guessed who will win a task

Are you playing on Sunday night? We are! Remember, as always, to stay tuned to @MissMalini on Twitter for live tweets and all the premiere night gossip!

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