'Bigg Boss 10' Contestant Akansha Sharma Was Married To This Cricketer's Brother

Rashmi Daryanani , 16 Oct 2016

Bigg Boss 10‘s premiere night was today, and one of the contestants introduced was Akansha Sharma. The 25-year-old lady revealed on the show that she was married to a cricketer’s brother for all of 4 months, before she had to leave because she had a bad marriage. Akansha didn’t get into too many details, but did mention being ill-treated.

The cricketer in question was never explicitly mentioned on air, but in case you’re wondering, it’s Yuvraj Singh. Akansha married his brother, Zorawar, back in Feb 2014.

Yuvraj Singh's tweet
Yuvraj Singh’s tweet

Akansha says that her divorce is still not finalised, but she really wants it to be. According to her, all she needs is freedom – she doesn’t want any money from the family. Her parents joined her for this episode to show their support.

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