Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy

There are some who get caught in the web of fights, drama and controversy in the Bigg Boss house and lose themselves to it. Then there are some who battle all odds and emerge victorious. Rahul Roy, who won the first season of the show, has only Bigg Boss and Aashiqui as his claim to fame. Unfortunately, after that, his career went downhill. In a recent interview with Tellychakar, Rahul shared some solid advice to sustain in the Bigg Boss house.

Here’s what he said:

Fights are inevitable but you should choose them wisely. You should clearly know what you are saying and doing and be up to take responsibility of it. There is no hurry, so analyze everyone and choose your friends and enemies carefully. Don’t judge people too soon. Have a good time with every contestant. There are too many cameras pointing towards you, and the world stalking your every move. Have fun but do not embarrass yourself too much. You will have to live with your actions forever. And you would not want to be haunted by it.

Read the full interview here.

Psst… contestants, are you listening?