Bigg Boss 10: Here's Everything That Happened On Day 1 At The Bigg Boss House

Shreemi Verma , 18 Oct 2016
Bigg Boss 10 Day 1
Bigg Boss 10 Day 1

Bigg Boss 10 is on and from the first episode itself we can see different dynamics, groupism and mind-games being played between the sevaks (who are actually the celebrities) and the maaliks (who are the ‘commoners’). The commoners this season, in my humble opinion, seem to be the lucky people who haven’t had to go through the grind of Roadies and Splitsvilla to be eligible for a Bigg Boss win. But they’re really no less than the conniving minds who have made the MTV reality shows so popular. If you don’t believe me, these points should convince you. Here’s what happened on Day 1 –

1) There was a ‘Hukum Ki Ghanti’ which sounded like a movie Mithun Chakraborty and Mukesh Rishi would have happily starred in –

The day started with the contestants waking up to the song ‘Saare Niyam Tod Do’ but….*plot twist* – they were all  introduced to the new rule book which they have to follow for the entire week. Irony took a hammer and bludgened itself to death. Anyway, according to the said rule book, the celebrities were to be sevaks to the commoners and fulfill all their wishes and requests. The ‘Indiawale’ got the famed bell- Hukm Ki Ghanti which would be used to give instructions to these celebrities

2) Baani J and Priyanka Jagga had a totally random fight –

Priyanka asked Bani her age, Bani ignored her, Priyanka threw a hit, they hugged it out later, but they still despise each other. This is poetry.

3) Manoj and Manveer were beginning to sound like the desi (and not so pretty looking) version of the ‘plastics’ –

mean girls

They’re not regular dudes, they’re cool dudes!

4) Priyanka was totally trolling Gaurav Chopraa, but he handled the whole thing rather well –

5) This Swami dude made some preposterous statements and was rightly roasted by the other common folks –

6) He was also going on about men and women and how it’s difficult for him to stay in the company of women because he’s celibate –

He’s gross.

7) The first nominations happened…

Gaurav Chopraa and Mona Lisa were nominated from the group of celebrities while Manu and Priyanka were nominated from the commoners. We even kept a little poll about it.

8) The commoners didn’t let the celebrities get their sleep.

As per the rules, the celebrities (who are currently sevaks) couldn’t sleep till their masters (who are the commoners) did. So the common people made sure to not sleep right away in order to make the celebs suffer. Yea okay, the bourgeoisie might even deserve some shit, but messing with people’s sleep (weather celebrity or non-celebrity) is not cool, you guys!

9) But the highlight of the day was when Bani translated ‘real shit’ to ‘asli tatti’ on camera, because Hindi.

It could rival this someday –

Or maybe not.

What did you think of the episode and the contestants? Tell us in the comments below!

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