Everything You Need To Know About The Ongoing Battle Between Anurag Kashyap And The Media

Disha Dadlani , 19 Oct 2016
Anurag Kashyap
Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap recently reacted to the ban of Pakistani artistes in India with a tweet directed towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In an attempt to support Karan Johar on the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil row, Anurag went on a Twitter rant and pointed out that ‘the PM went to Pakistan for talks at the same time that a filmmaker was working with a Pakistani actor’. He questioned Modi’s visit to Pakistan and went on to ask why it was only the film industry that had to bear the brunt.

Here’s what he tweeted:

After this, he received flak on Twitter, and he expressed his resentment against the media via a Facebook post, when he was allegedly questioned about his tweets and if he would demand an apology from Modi. Apparently, he leaked his WhatsApp conversation with a reporter who questioned him about his tweet and captioned it, ‘There is the media outside my house  when I am not there ….looking for headline’. However, he deleted the post later and clarified his intial tweet with a Facebook post.

Check out what he posted:


Soon after, things turned ugly and The Indian Express responded to the filmmaker’s frustration with a seemingly upset open letter.

Here’s what it read:

Dear Anurag Kashyap, you say media is a bully looking for headlines. Have you forgotten how this ‘bully’ stood up for you during Udta Punjab? Let’s try and dissect your perpetual hate for the media. You accuse us of looking for headlines when we reach out to you which makes me ask what exactly is a headline. Simply put, headline is something that you magnificently created by posting the Whatsapp screenshot containing the number of a female journalist who was only doing her job by trying to get an interview with you. This headlining act of yours made sure the journalist’s personal number became public to a large number of strangers in the digital world, the repercussions of which she had to face for the rest of the day. That was the impact of your headline. And talking about impact, I am reminded of the infamous Udta Punjab row when our headlines helped your cause, something that you now seem to have conveniently forgotten.

Read the entire letter here.

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