Bigg Boss 10: Here’s Everything That Happened On Day 3 At The Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10: Here’s Everything That Happened On Day 3 At The Bigg Boss House

Sukriti Gumber
Priyanka Jagga (Source: Twitter)
Priyanka Jagga (Source: Twitter)

Disclaimer: Priyanka Jagga is everyyyyywhere, everytime. She is a part of every argument and has something to say about everything.

Okay, let’s proceed now.

It all starts with Priyanka advising Swami Omji Maharaj quite late in the night, to pretend that he needs food to have his medicines. Babaji follows suit, rings the hukum ki ghanti and demands food. The sevaks offer food, but a heated discussion soon follows between the two parties.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Somewhere down the line, babaji says- “Main apne roop mein aa jaunga”, which further infuriates Karan Mehra, who is the main spokesperson for this particular incident. He makes certain very valid points like- “Celebs are also aam aadmi who’ve worked hard to get somewhere!”

Babaji is da shizz!

Swami Omji Maharaj
Swami Omji Maharaj

A. Priyanka tells babaji that he is referred to as tharki bhadki buddha behind his back. The pious man takes offence and out flow a plethora of expletives. Lol! Always knew he had more than 50 shades (of orange, of course).

* * *

Day 3 starts with Parde Mein Rehne Do- commendable choice with the songs, Bigg Boss!

B. Babaji is in the frame (yet again) and this time he is speaking to Navin Prakash, telling him that Gaurav Chopra has made false claims to Akansha Sharma about marrying her. Vo laalach de raha hai use, he said.

C. Babaji apologises to Lopamudra for his indecent behaviour and in his defence, he said he had ‘dimagi bukhaar‘. He further says fever made him lose his mind and he had no control over his body. Hmmm, never knew these symptoms. Must take notes!

Lopa’s response- “Itna bhi bukhaar nahi tha.”


Amidst Swamiji’s intense clarification, Lopa- “Aapne chappal ulti pehni hai”

The universe is not the same anymore, even though swamiji goes on about being a devi bhakt etc etc.

D. By now, it is clear that babaji is dangerously sailing in two boats. One on hand, he swears allegiance to Indiawale. Next moment, he tells Gaurav that is aware of being misused by his team members. He further requests Rahul Dev to apologise to everyone he has wronged on his behalf. Dafuq, babaji?! Make up your mind already.

E. Towards the end of episode 3, when babaji’s fiercely guarded “secret” is finally out, Lopa asks him if he finally believes that she did not actually let it out. After some arbit information, babaji says – and pardon me if I got this wrong- that he would have used tantra vidya (that was his secret, BTW) on her too, in case she would have done that.

*slow clapping for babaji*

Gaurav Chopra’s morals

Gaurav Chopra
Gaurav Chopra

Another thing that irked me in this episode. How come Gaurav goes around being nice to everybody? And how come he is so righteous? Everytime? Maybe he is born with it. Maybe it’s. . . chuck it!

Exhibit A– Tries to put babaji on the right track by telling him he is being misused by his own team members. Later, when babaji tries to double cross him, he kind of exposes his hypocrisy. #LikeABoss

Exhibit B– Next stop, praises Akansha Sharma for not sympathetically portraying her problematic history and appreciating her for that. She, in turn, vigorously nods her head.

Exhibit C– And finally, when Rohan Mehra and Manoj Punjabi (more on that later) are fighting it out, he maintains his calm as he looks on silently, takes out the rule book to read out the rules. It’s a different matter that nobody really paid attention.

Hey look, another fight!

Manoj Punjabi, Rohan Mehra
Manoj Punjabi, Rohan Mehra

Priyanka was trying to make the celebs sit away from each other, lest they discuss the Raaz task. One moment something is happening and the next moment, Rohan and Manoj have a showdown and the latter bangs the table. What happened here?

*stuffs face with popcorn*

Everbody is shouting, lots of mud slinging is happening. Rohan shouts at babaji for letting him eat his food in peace. He also dances and plays guitar in the air, saying ‘Main hero hoon‘. Priyanka bursts the poor lad’s bubble, saying ‘Tu zero hai‘.

Oh man!

But really, this Priyanka has her two cents to give everywhere.

Meanwhile. . .


In a parallel universe, Monalisa cries in front of the camera and tells Bigg Boss that she can’t take arguments and can’t deal with the chaos and wants to leave the house. Wut?! Lady, care to do some research work?

Must take a moment to mention that Lokesh Kumari is #LOLMAX

She is a discovery, I feel.

In desi swag news:

Manoj complains to babaji that Manveer Gujjar is not utilising his potential. Which basically means he is not justifying his participation in the show. He is disappointed with his lack of interest and also not standing up for his team when required.

Babaji’s golden advice to him- “Manveer ki kisi se ladai karwa de“.

Problem = Solved.

The episode ends with another quarrel when Priyanka asks any of the sevaks to get her water. Rohan volunteers, but not before he passes a taunting remark or two on her. Soon after, another fight ensues. We will have to wait for Thursday night’s episode but I have a feeling this will drag for weeks.