"I Love Butter Chicken And Garlic Naan" - Shaggy

Mallika Kulkarni , 20 Oct 2016

Millennials, raise your hands if you’ve spent your childhood/ teenage years trying to decipher the lyrics of It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy! I know I’ve certainly spent a lot of time trying to crack it. So much so that I even took this lyrics quiz and scored 23 out of 26 (yay!)
Check any ’90s or early 2000s playlist and you’ll find it’s incomplete without Shaggy’s signature hits  Angel, In The Summertime and Strength Of A Woman. Considered the pioneer of Reggae music, Shaggy’s repertoire encompasses everything from party hits to get you moving to soulful songs that never fail to make you tear up, even if it’s on the inside. So… as you can probably already tell, I’m super excited that he will be performing this Friday, 21st October at Phoenix MarketCity Kurla, Mumbai!

Shaggy at Phoenix MarketCity Kurla
Shaggy at Phoenix MarketCity Kurla

Ahead of his concert in Mumbai, we sat down for a quick chat with Mr.Boombastic himself about his love for Indian food, reinventing himself to compete with Justin Bieber and getting desi girl Priyanka Chopra to star in his latest video… all the deets below!

On performing in India after 12 years

The last time I was in India was in 2004 with Chaka Khan, I love the energy, the culture and the vibe. I’m very excited to be back and I especially love the food.

His favourite Indian food

I love going to Indian restaurants, butter chicken is always my favourite with some garlic naan!

One song he loves performing for his fans

Angel and Strength Of A Woman are always good ones…and of course It Wasn’t Me! That’s like asking me which one of my kids I want to show off.

On reinventing himself and producing chart-topping hits

I’m the first person to get bored of me… It’s all about reinventing myself. If I was doing the same thing everyday, I would get really bored. It’s really an amazing thing to be 48 years old and be in this business for 30 years and still find myself on the charts with the likes of Justin Beiber and Rihanna; that’s the fuel to the fire.

On getting Priyanka Chopra to be a part of his video

Well that was RedOne’s idea, he didn’t want a regular video, he wanted to do a lyric video with a bunch of friends and it just worked… The video’s crossed 30 million views already!

One artist you would love to collaborate with

I’d love to do something crazy… like a dance off with Madonna!

His favourite artist to work with

That would have to be Rayvon, we did In The Summertime together and he’ll be coming with me for the concert as well, so it’s going to be fun!

We’ll definitely be standing front row singing along, how about you?  For more updates on the show, follow Phoenix MarketCity Kurla on Facebook & Twitter 

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