Shaleen Bhanot Slams The Haters Of His Ex-Wife Daljeet Kaur

Swagata Dam , 20 Oct 2016
Daljeet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot
Daljeet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot

It has been a while since the popular TV couple Daljeet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot ended their marriage. Though their relationship concluded on a bitter note, the two of them hold no grudges against each other. Daljeet, who had lost several kgs and transformed herself completely after this break-up, had said during an interview:

 “I am in a very peaceful space. If not happy or content. No doubt it was a tough phase. I am no more revengeful or have any angst. I am done with that phase. I don’t hold any regrets, grudge or ego. If Shaleen wants to co-exist, I am fine with it.”

But some Shaleen fans have been writing hate posts for her on social media. So Shaleen took to Instagram and slammed those haters.

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Guys i have a humble request .. a broken or failed marraige is between two people and no other gets the right to point fingers at anyone. In my case ive read a lot of mud slinging against me which i bore but as a man and as someone who has spent a few beautiful years with my son's mother i give no one the right to say things against her in any manner which in turn affects a woman in many ways. My fans have always been supportive of me and have loved me theyve made me what i am but its a gentle request to all who are writing things on social media please don't write things against her. Whats happened is unfortunate but lets end it here. There are better things in store for me and am sure her as well lets concentrate on that. If at all please shower love on me and my son with whom am beginning to grow a close bond slowly. Thanks guys .. love u all.

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We hope Daljeet won’t be at the receiving end of hate-filled messages on social media anymore.

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