Bigg Boss 10 Mahasangam Episode: Priyanka Jagga Needs To Calm The F**K Down

Sukriti Gumber , 21 Oct 2016
Priyanka Jagga
Priyanka Jagga (Source: Twitter)

This episode clearly belongs to- no points for guessing- Priyanka Jagga. She is a thinner and young version of Dolly Bindra. No kidding! I have drawn a theory after tonight’s Mahasangam episode, Priyanka is like the nagging relative whom you dread meeting because he/she harps minus any reason.

I have examples to prove my point.

Nagging relative trait- Gets angry super quick.

She creates a fuss when the celebs make a wrong guess and think that it was Priyanka’s mother who made beedis (cigarettes). So? No need to get hyper, dude. Calm down! It was a wrong guess and everybody eventually came to know it was Naveen Prakash‘s mother. Chill!

Source: Knowyourmeme
Source: Knowyourmeme

Gather everyone’s attention to hog limelight.

Next, when she asks for water quite late in the night, Rohan (after taunting her) gets it for her. Somehow, the water spills on Priyanka’s clothes and mic. And ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. The entire house is up because she is shrieking. Next minute, everyone is squabbling among themselves. Swamiji is in the picture, of course!

Be a jackass

Priyanka yells at Rohan – “Tu naukar hai mera”! I also figured her go-to punishment is – “Chal kapde dho mere”! You know how aunties, once they lose it with their house help, go all out and make them do extra work to prove a point. That!

Straight up involve families and blame the upbringing

She crossed the line by making some rather mean comments about Rohan for spilling water on her mic and clothes. Her comments on his family were largely irrelevant to the situation and roughly transcribed to:

Batau us raat ki baat? 4 saal se jaanti hu tujhe. . . kaha se aaya tha, kya karta tha. Ghatiya ladka. . .Gande parivar ka ganda ladka. Ache se jaanti hu isko aur iske parivar ko. Ye sikhaya teri mummy ne?


Source: Meme generator
Source: Meme generator

Every argument with adults:

Umar mein chhota, akal mein chhota, shakal se chhota.” Rings a bell, yeah, those lines? She calls herself lenient and further asks him to go to the jail. She also tells him to come out of the jail in under a minute. Wut?!

Source: Meme generator
Source: Meme generator

Pro with house chores

Lopamudra is sweeping the floor and Her Highness is not pleased with the quality of cleanliness. She takes the broom from her and sweeps the floor like a pro! And then goes on to say- “Jhaadu inko nahi lagana aata, khana nahi banana aata, kapde nahi dhone aate”. Where have I heard that line before now?

Karwa Chauth fiasco

Somewhere in the middle of speaking about the festival, she turns to look at herself in the mirror. Then loses track of what she was saying. #Vain. She then seeks swamiji’s blessings and he chants a few mantras to bless her family. Peaceful, you think? Except that this too turns into fight. Priyanka wants five minutes of silence but the housemates are in no mood to comply. Moreover, Monalisa think her vrat is a “nautanki” as she wasn’t really not eating throughout the day.

More fireworks.

* * *

Highlight of the show

1. I could not believe me eyes when I saw babaji spraying almost one-third bottle of deodrant on himself AND further STEALS it. #ICantEven

2. Babaji wear a pair of Bob Marley graffiti pjyamas to safeguard himself from the mosquitoes whilst he serves his jail sentence. #LOLMAX

Today’s treasure from Lokesh Kumari

The housemates are discussing Yoga when Lokesh says it’s quite beneficial once you start doing it. Priyanka asks her if she is into Yoga, to which she says:

“Haan main yoga bhi karti hu, gym bhi jati hu.” *Pause* “Haan ye alag baat hai ki dikhta nahi.”

I legit LOLed. I feel ya, Lokesh, I feel ya.

Also check out:

Apart from this:

The jail has been occupied by one member from each team. Swamiji is chosen by the Indiawale, whereas Monalisa volunteers to go from the celebs’ team. Gaurav Chopra loses his cool with Manveer Gujjar after an argument I failed to understand. Or to frame this better: It was irrelevant for them to get into it. Karan Mehra fasts for his wife Nisha Rawal and he, along with Priyanka, receives photos and sweets from their respective families.

That’s all from tonight, folks. Ciao!

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