Bigg Boss 10 Recap: Yet Another Episode Of Trying To Tolerate Priyanka Jagga

Sukriti Gumber , 22 Oct 2016
Bigg Boss 10
Bigg Boss 10

About tonight’s episode, I though it was. . .not sure. Kiddish, maybe?

It begins with:

4 contestants rocking on horses, like the ones you have in every amusement park. They have to constantly drink water, while rocking the horse and if it is not clear to you by now, the task basically tests your bladder’s endurance level.

Somewhere down the line:

Lopamudra and Manu Punjabi get into an argument. Lopa is wearing a hairband with a humongous flower (!) and she is quite pissed when it somehow falls. She LEGIT asks Manu to pick it up and put it back on her head. And also demanded her hair should be styled exactly the way they were before (the hairband fell).



Priyanka Jagga pees in her pants, because she is unable to control the urge and also unwilling to give up. So yeah, she pees there and then and I had the unfortunate opportunity to see it trickling down the horse she was rocking. (Umm.)

By now, I am contemplating what’s happening- with rocking horses (is that what they are called?), huge flower-y hairbands and adults peeing their pants. I was constantly reminded of my childhood. . .


In her defence (she always has one), Priyanka is a mother and she is doing it all for ze kids. She wants them to swell in pride when they tell people that their mother was the winner of Bigg Boss 10. Now now, assuming too soon, aren’t we? She also says “Pehle choosa to ban ja” to Rohan Mehra. I don’t know what more he will have to face because of that face. He is 27, FYI.

The task is over, Gaurav Chopra cannot control the urge to pee any longer, hence Priyanka wins automatically. I am passively looking at the screen, confident that the next thing I am going to witness is Priyanka going to the washroom, cleaning up and then celebrating her victory.

But wait! What? No!

She runs to the jail to touch swamiji’s feet. And lies there for a good 5 seconds thanking him for the victory. Just as I am thinking what has he done to deserve that credit and respect, he reveals that he was standing on one feet all this while, silently praying for her win. He also says she has “devi ke lakshan“, which translates to her possessing all the skills require to be a goddess.


In that case, he duly deserves it all, and Priyanka utilises the special power given to her by Bigg Boss to release her BFF from of the jail. She owed him one. But I also feel bad for Mona as she is left alone on the jail now. :(

Priyanka also kisses Rahul Dev on both the cheeks before finally making her way to the washroom. Thank God for small mercies.

The extras in the house (Nitibha and Akansha) call her out for being “Bhaarat ki asli aurat”, for showing extra ordinary tolerance. I don’t really know why because she peed after all!

Meanwhile on social media:

Back to the house:

It was great to see Bani J spring into action. She has a lot of viewers’ expectations riding on her and I am pretty sure if she plays well, she will steadily climb the favourites’ chart. In her argument with Priyanka today, about choosing to quit the task rather than pee on national television, she took a stand for herself. The in-house vamp also asked her to wash her clothes, the same ones in which she peed. (Lulz, told you this is her go-to punishment). But Bani effectively handled it while maintaining her calm and demeanour. Trust me, this is difficult with Jagga as your opponent in the debate.

Personally speaking:

Waiting for Rahul Dev to #ShowMeWhatYouGot. As of now, he is like the class monitor who just delegates work. Playing it safe, maybe? Or waiting for the right moment to strike? Hmmm.

The episode ends with:

Monalisa crying because now she is the only one left in the jail. Poor thing, she volunteered to go inside.

Okay, ciao!

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