TV Heartthrob Gaurav Khanna Is All Set To Tie The Knot With This Actress

Swagata Dam , 26 Oct 2016

I’m sure a lot of girls will be left with a broken heart soon as the TV hunk Gaurav Khanna is all set to tie the knot. The handsome actor will be taking the wedding vows with Swaragini actress Akanksha Chamola on 24th November this year. The shaadi ceremonies will go on for three days in Kanpur.

During an interesting interview with Times of India, Gaurav had revealed his love story:

“We both had gone to audition for roles in a TV show and we just got talking. She began to give me tips about how to give my audition. Apparently she didn’t watch much TV so she didn’t know that I was an actor. She explained to me the working of the TV industry. Although she found my face familiar but couldn’t place me. I too played along since I was enjoying the conversation. After listening to her gyaan for a good hour or so, I finally told her that I had worked in more than 15 serials. She was very embarrassed, but then we laughed it off. In fact, I think that’s how we hit it off.”

Congratulations to these lovebirds!

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